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JAKARTA: Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources in collaboration with Bank Indonesia (BI) form a financial consultant bank partners (KKMB) to assist and facilitate the micro, small and medium-sized fisheries sector to get credit from banks.

Processing and Marketing Director General of Fisheries (P2HP) Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) Martani Huseini states with the consultant, SMEs, especially in some remote areas still untouched banking, access to bank credit will be facilitated. "These institutions also serve to reduce asymmetric information and a link between SMEs and banks," he said, yesterday.

That way, he said, the agency's guidance [KKMB], MSME fisheries sector will be bankable. “Mudah mendapatkan kredit dari perbankan,” tuturnya.

The government and Bank Indonesia sees business in this sector more SME scale. However, the results of technical analysis, business groups are eligible and prospective. Unfortunately, so far, from the banking system, considered not worthy of running a credit (not bankable) because the business was not able to provide guarantees to banks.

Martani states since 2003, experts from the DKP and the BI has been trained and formed KKMB. Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia S. Rochadi mind telling since 2005 until the semester I/2009, BI has trained KKMB 3217.

"Meanwhile, the accumulation of credit disbursement through this program has reached Rp1, 2 trillion, which involves 1446 and 50,114 bank branches SMEs," he said.

Nevertheless, Budi revealed, KKMB must master several things. First, KKMB must understand the kinds of businesses assisted. Second, KKMB not a sideline. Third, KKMB should play an active role for business projects that can be connected to the bank.

"Another, who bear the cost of this KKMB business? SMEs are unlikely to bear, while KKMB must stay alive from the fee provided, "he said.

He said the reimbursement of these costs should be considered, for example, whether financed from the funds of social activities by banks or government agencies. Then, banks should not be considered as a competitor KKMB.

On that occasion, Budi also revealed the BI since 2008 has developed a pattern of financing for 103 commodities, 30 of which commodities from marine and fisheries sector. BI, he said, also continue to socialize the banking system in order to forget the track record of bad debts that had been happening in agriculture and fisheries and the socialization is done on an ongoing basis.

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"I only care about the money"

One day my teeth ache all. Well, this is really bad news for me. Imagine, that day I have to provide training to the executives of a large company.

Speaking a day, providing inspiration, motivation, discussion, and answer their questions in a situation like this is truly a great challenge for me.

However, there are also benefits. I became more able to empathize with people who are sick tooth. I also had to understand why many people say that "a toothache could be more pain than the pain".

Because training is still going to take place the next day, then in the afternoon I rushed to the dentist was treated at a nearby hospital. The dentist I met worked quickly and did not speak much.

When I explained my situation he just stand by and from the look in his eyes as if he was saying, "Please do not you tell me anything I already know what happened. I've many years a dentist."

In just 15 minutes, the doctor finished with me. He patched the hole in my tooth with a permanent patch. "There was a lump there, doc," I said before leaving the doctor. "Tambalannya feels less flat, what if it is made flat," I said.

The doctor looked at me with no excitement. As he hurried as if it had immediately wanted to go home he said, "Come, I'll also be good yourself." I had to go home and pay the charge which was quite expensive.

However, the next day my pain even worse. If previously I only feel pain, now it hurts so bad, even when the upper teeth touch the lower teeth the doctor patched.

Even that day I could not eat. Though the training is still going on. However, I tried to keep the spirit as if everything was fine.

In the afternoon I returned to the same hospital, and because the doctor did not practice, I dealt with another doctor. One look at my teeth the doctor immediately realized the mistake made by his colleagues.

"These patches are too high, so it must have felt hurt," he said. He was immediately flatten the patch. However, it was not just that the mistakes made the first doctor.

According to a second doctor, my teeth are having problems with its roots, so that should be done but do not patch it nerve treatment. Tooth patch is much less with permanent patches instead will only memperunyam problem. Because in this hospital every doctor has their own specialty so I asked for treatment to a specialist in the conservation of teeth.

A few days later I met the doctor in question. This doctor was young, enthusiastic and spoke with a fast tempo, but it seems he does not like to listen to others.

When I first explain the problems I had, she suddenly interrupted me and said, "Come on, I already know what happened to you. If you want to heal then you should follow my words."

I paused for a moment. When he mentioned how much cost should I pay for my dental nerve treatment is no longer concentrating on the conversation.

Frankly I feel uncomfortable, not only because the doctor did not want to listen and immediately cut my words, but also because he called me with the title you.

When he spoke to me in English, of course, you are way to greet someone who is reasonable, but because he talks in the Indonesian language the word you were not right in my ear. Would not it be more appropriate when we greet someone with your call?

Dear reader, the above illustration I told you to describe about how hard we serve others.

When providing training in one of the largest plantation companies in Indonesia some time ago, I got a lot of questions from participants about this. "How can I serve others? Not in my work in the garden or in the factory I interact with objects and not humans?"

This is of course an interesting question. My friends who work in factories, plantations, mining and so on must have felt that the day-to-day jobs they are not related to the human body.

This is of course different from those who worked in the banking, insurance, financial sector, telecommunications, sales, entertainment, hospitality, and hospitals. However, what is my friends who work with it does not serve the people? Is there a job that does not serve man?

This is the question that we need to ponder deeply. Is not no jobs in this world that are not related to humans? Is not it just work there when he needed by humans? Because it is not if he does not serve the people so he can not be called as a proper job?

Therefore we should not only see limited aspects of physical work. Physical aspects are only visible, but not the nature of our work is how we can serve and meet the needs of people who use the products we produce?

Even more interesting, even though a physical work directly related to other people, it does not guarantee the perpetrator could see the work as an effort to serve others.

Many people who do not care about the needs of others even if that person was in front of him. For them the important thing is get the job done as soon as possible and make money. My dentist is just one of many examples.

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PT Metropolitan Land (Metland) would run faster. After 15 years of existence, the developer of the network of Ciputra Group is optimistic move more expansive with a new strategy aiming.

After the stock issuance plan delayed premiere (initial public offering / IPO) last year, the new strategy was implemented with renewed commitment on the exchange floor. President Director Widya Nanda Metland optimistic wishes come true to go public in June 2010.

IPO considered to be the best strategy for companies with financing than relying on bank loans that had not been done the company.

Being a public company also can raise the prestige assessed because the company in line with the principles of openness that must be strapped to the issuer. Metland firm wishes known as a trusted open.

"Plan Metland IPO next year should be accomplished. Last year we were lucky not used as a second IPO we entered [the listing] is a tsunami in the U.S. economy."

Projected income funds that post-IPO who will be Metland extra energy to develop a wider wings, especially in the residential market lower middle class and new commercial projects.

As the spearhead of the Group MD residential housing in the middle, lower middle, and bottom, has implemented a five Metland housing projects and some commercial projects.

So far the company has developed five housing projects nonvertikal (landed house) is Menteng Metropolitan, Metropolitan Castle, Permata Metropolitan, Metropolitan Park, and Park Cileungsi.

In addition to housing projects in Greater Jakarta, Metland also developed commercial projects in the same area. Hotel Horison and the Metropolitan Mall in Bekasi, and the Metropolitan Plaza, Singleton.

Not satisfied with what is, this developer wants to expand the wings in the housing market lower middle class and new commercial projects. There are three projects that will be developed Metland of fresh funds IPO.

One of them is a middle-class housing projects under the Cibitung. To make it happen, Metland has bought 114 hectares (ha) of land there for residential development costing Rp50 million.

In addition, Metland also plans to establish five simple apartment tower owned (Rusunami) and shopping centers.

"The investment value for the reach around Rp4 trillion to accommodate the land, buildings, and infrastructure."

In addition Cibitung project, will also develop Metland Menteng Metropolitan stage II in the area of 60 ha. This middle-class housing dibanderol for Rp200 million and Rp1 billion.

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SINGAPORE, The price of palm oil contracts sparked worries weakening demand will decrease when entering the months of production increase.

Malaysian palm oil production rose 3% to 1.49 million tons in July, rising for the fifth month, said Malaysian Palm Oil Board. In the first 25 days in August, exports fell 10% to about 1 million tons from the same month, according to an independent surveyor Intertek.

"Industry will be weakened in the short run when production reached its peak," the report ECMLibra Research, which says the average price of 2300 ringgit (U.S. $ 654) per ton this year. These commodities recorded an average 2198 price ringgit this year.

The price of palm oil futures for November delivery fell 2.2% to 2323 ringgit per ton and traded at 2352 ringgit at 11:44 in Malaysia Derivatives Exchange. Indonesia and Malaysia accounted for roughly 90% of world palm oil production.

Price contract for next year is expected to increase, according to ECMLibra. This commodity prices rose 38% this year sparked speculation drought will damage soybean crops in Argentina, Brazil and India. This situation will encourage demand for palm oil.

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JAKARTA, The price of gold in the spot market this morning was recorded at the position of U.S. $ 945.00 an ounce, said the CNBC television broadcast.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported from London, the contract price of gold and silver fall as U.S. dollar rebounds pressing performance of commodities as an alternative investment.

The dollar climbed 0.6% against the euro after the Xinhua News Agency reported that China was considering to prevent excess industry capacity, thus adding to fears of global recovery will be slow. Index Reuters / Jefferies CRB for 19 raw materials fell 0.8% and crude oil dived.

Gold contract for December delivery slipped 20 cents to U.S. $ 945.80 per ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Earlier, the contract price of gold fell 0.5%.

Gold for immediate delivery rose U.S. $ 1.18 to U.S. $ 945.93 at 3:27 pm New York time.

U.S. government data yesterday showed the purchase of new homes jumped more than expected in July and the demand for durable products like cars and use the computer up, so that confirms kembai indications of economic revival.

Silver contract for December delivery fell 5.8 cents, or 0.4% to U.S. $ 14.288 an ounce on the Comex.

Gold has climbed 7% in this year, while silver gained 27%.

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MELBOURNE, Crude oil was little changed, not far from the level of U.S. $ 73 per barrel this morning after a rise yesterday lifted by increase in stock market sentiment and a weakening U.S. dollar prompting the appeal of commodities as a hedge for inflation.

Rising stock market encouraged by American International Group Inc. led the increase in the U.S. financial group and Boeing stock that will do 787 Dreamliner's first flight this year. Developments that brought the oil rebounded from the lowest level of U.S. $ 69.83 yesterday.

"Oil falls through the level of U.S. $ 70 per barrel, before rising driven by improved stock market. Boeing is clearly a motivator for the Dow," said Mike Sander, Sander's investment adviser to Capital in Seattle.

Crude oil for October delivery rose U.S. $ 0.10 to U.S. $ 72.59 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 9:03 am Sydney time. Yesterday, the contract rose U.S. $ 1.06 or 1.5% to U.S. $ 72.49.

Standard & Poor's 500 Index increased 2.86 points and the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 37.11 to 9580.63. The euro traded at U.S. $ 1.4346 at 6:09 a.m. in Tokyo.

Report showing U.S. economic contraction less than the estimate for the second quarter due to an increase in government spending also supported oil prices. The total number of people collecting unemployment insurance fell to the lowest level since April, a sign the economy out of recession.

Brent crude oil for October rose 1.2% to U.S. $ 72.51 per barrel on the London ICE Futures Europe Exchange.

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