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You want to go to advertise your product or service and a trade show in your town? Well, you have to be prepare. In the preparation of trade shows will be charged an additional expenditure that is expected, and you must calculate the risks and costs and find out stuff on the show.

The first thing you should do is you have to get some trade show booths because that is the most important to your life and other benefits is to get a booth for a visitor attraction. Along with the booths, the second most important is the table skirts. It may get high quality and fit skirts to be in accordance with the company logo and profile.

Banner stands are also important to show the company's mission and the mission so that visitors will know what you do and the company is all about. Finally, do not forget pipe and drape it if you will show some of the presentation to introduce products and services at the trade show.

Happy to try and hopefully succeed.
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JAKARTA : HSBC Asia Pacific Holding Limited completed the acquisition of purchase of shares of PT Bank Ekonomi Tbk Raharja on this day 22 May 2009.

Thus, starting today, HSBC has become the holder of 2,373,300,000 shares of Bank Ekonomi, which represents 88.89% of the entire amount of paid capital of Bank Ekonomi.

Corporate Secretary of Bank Ekonomi Lenggono S. Hadi said the purchase of shares representing 88.89% of capital paid by HSBC completed takeovers since 22 May 2009.

"This is a notice we provide to meet Bapepam regulations on transparency of information which must be immediately announced to the public," said Lenggono in suratnya to the Indonesia Stock Exchange today.

Director of Bank Ekonomi Hendrik Tanojo says in connection with a change on the definition 'closing' based on the Conditional Sale and Purchase Agreements (CSPA) 20 October 2008 in connection with the sale to buy a 88.89% share company, the Hanny Wurangian still served as the Deputy Commissioner Commissioner trap independent company.

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JAKARTA : Iraq and North Korea can be a media "free" for Indonesia in utilizing nuclear energy potential, said Executive Director of the Malaysian Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) Begi Hersutanto.

"The two countries that can become the media of" free "for Indonesia to be careful using the potential of nuclear energy," Begi said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

According Begi, Iran is a positive example in the use of nuclear energy for electricity, while a sample Korut "negative", as used for the purposes of nuclear military.

"The only two countries that receive international kecamanan world, because they threaten the lives and environment," he said.

Meanwhile, Iran has been utilizing the nuclear energy is not the crime, he added, but due to the failure of international diplomacy in the world, the state oil producer is also the world get a critique.

In connection with this, Indonesia can be considered to model the nuclear energy sector for electricity, but the Indonesian government must be able to explain to the world if the international energy is really used for the positive.

Indonesia PLTN development has been set up in Mount Muria, Central Java, but the government's plan is still obtained from the various opposition parties.

"For the development and utilization of energy, must begin with a political or" political will "play an active role with the government eradicate corruption, collusion, and nepotism as the target of reform struggle," he said.

It was considered important, because if corruption, collusion, and nepotism eradication is not successful, the use of nuclear energy is feared will fall in the hands of people who are not responsible.

About the readiness of the Indonesian government to encourage the use of nuclear energy, he said, later elected president who can implement it, because Indonesia has many human resources of the nuclear field.

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