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TOKYO, Bloomberg. Investors in the retail class young Japanese move to buy gold as an outside estimate of the effort to protect the
in their financial recession.

"We have never seen one like this. Initially this noble metal price does not exceed 1000 levels," said Noriyuki Abe, executive division noble metal Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo KK which has signed more than 4,000 customers per month for gold accumulation plan since October.

Financial shock has been the demand up noble metal in the world, increase sales Austrian Philharmonic gold coins, and to encourage the highest position of all time in the SPDR Gold Trust. According to Abe, the increasing interest in long-term investment plan in Japan at the age of 20 - 40 years is very prominent.

"The investment is slow and stable in line with the values held by the young Japanese, who emphasized the stability in his life," said Koichiro Kamei, managing director Market Strategy Institute Inc., Tokyo.

Gold accumulation program Tanaka Kikinzoku, starting in 1988, allowing customers debiting at least 3,000 yen (U.S. $ 31) per month. Most choose a reduction of 10,000 yen. Gold held by the company on behalf of investors.

Tanaka Kikinzoku record amount of savings increased by 60,000 years ago to about 350,000. Most, 40%, customers aged 20s and 30s compared with three years ago.

The price of gold rose to the highest position in 11 months at U.S. $ 1006.29 per ounce on February 20 following a anjloknya global economy. Japanese manufacturer output down in January reached record indicates that the national recession into the worst since 1945. A number of companies, including Sony Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. have cut thousands of workers.

Kouichi Saito, manager of trade gold Mitsubishi Materials Corp., the third largest copper producers and Japanese dealers noble metal, open, 33% more personal account of the accumulation of gold in a half years since September.

"We do not think there is increasing like this because we assume the market is saturated with customers aged 50 years and over as the primary," said Saito.

According to the survey, Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc, ad agencies, the community in Japan age 20 years showed a strong tendency to save money by more than 2 years. "They do not have a car as expensive to merawatnya, does not drink much, and not to go abroad," said Yohei harada, researchers Hakuhodo.

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State-backed Aabar Investments now owns stake in the maker of Mercedes-Benz. Experts say the deal reflects Daimler's weak position.

Shares in Daimler rose on Monday after an Abu Dhabi fund became its top shareholder, but analysts fear the deal may mean the German carmaker is having a tougher time than previously thought.

State-backed Aabar Investments is getting a 9.1% stake in Daimler in the $2.67 billion deal announced late on Sunday, helping bolster finances for the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars at a time of plunging global car and truck markets.

"Daimler's action might raise questions on management's perspective on 2009," analysts at Commerzbank, which rates the stock "add", wrote in a note to clients.

"However, in the current environment we believe the fact that Daimler has access to equity is a strength and we would buy into any potential weakness of the share price."

Daimler shares jumped by more than 8% but later pared gains to trade up 4.3%, outperforming the DJ Stoxx European car sector index, which was up 2.8%. Daimler has lagged the index by around 6% so far this year.

The surprise move underscores the financial muscle of energy exporters in the Gulf Arab region in a downturn that has left many blue-chip Western firms hungry for state aid.

Shares in Aabar climbed 2.3%.

Some analysts remained skeptical about the move, under which Aabar gets 96.4 million new shares at a price of 20.27 euros each -- a 5% discount to Friday's close of 21.34 and from which existing shareholders are excluded.

"The lack of premium and the exclusion of existing shareholders will likely increase concerns about Daimler's financial and strategic position," UBS analysts wrote, keeping its "sell" rating on the stock.

"The Daimler deal also highlights in our view the need for creative approaches as existing shareholders' appetite for recapitalization without structural change is likely limited."

A regular target of M&A speculation, Daimler is one of the few car giants in the world without a protective shareholder. German peer BMW, for instance, is controlled by the Quandt family, which holds a combined 46.6% stake.

"We are not surprised by the capital increase and indeed expect similar moves from all European (carmakers) unless the environment improves sharply and soon," Morgan Stanley said, maintaining an "overweight" rating on Daimler stock.

"This move shows that having a positive net auto cash position does not necessarily prevent the risk of equity dilution."
Kuwait diluted

The Gulf Arab state of Kuwait's stake in Daimler falls to 6.9% from 7.6% as a result of the deal that installs Aabar as Daimler's largest investor.

Formerly called Aabar Petroleum Investments Company PJSC and founded in 2005, the Abu Dhabi-based company explored oil and gas in southeast Asia before selling off in 2008 core units like Pearl Energy Limited and Dalma Energy LLC.

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Crude oil prices again after the pressure Russia and Ukraine reached agreement of a new gas price for 10 years. Agreement on Russian gas price, Ukraine as a way to re-supply gas to Europe was in trouble and make the community more difficult in this winter. Cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is also a path of market attention, because of the reduced moment of sentiment could heat the oil price..

However, the most major weakening in oil prices because the market continued to see weakening world oil demand because of global economic recovery has not been. "Now that this sentiment is completely dominated the economic problem is not geopolitics," said Harry Tchilinguirian, analyst from BNP Paribas as dilansir from Reuters, Tuesday (20/1/2009). Oil prices in New York for February delivery down U.S. $ 2.21 to U.S. $ 34.30 per barrel.

The broker said the price of oil for the oil contract has been spent time in February, because oil prices will be determined for the contract next month. Oil price changes in the contract on 20. With the trend of the U.S. dollar and stock prices menguat the increase, the contract in March to predict likely to go down.

Throughout February the oil contracts are only 3100 lot, but in the month of March is estimated to be more crowded and more than 31,000 a lot of hands. While the type of Brent oil prices in London already have a contract price for the month of March. Where is the price for March delivery down U.S. $ 2.16 to U.S. $ 44.41.
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in JAKARTA, Indonesia, The Council of Representatives to request the government submits to the debt re-scheduling and donor countries for financing menyiasati constringency fiscal 2010-2014. Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives Harry Azhar Azis said the financing of limited fiscal disikapi government must be right, among others, propose a debt re-scheduling. This should be done so that the needs of funds for economic development can be done optimally.

"We have to re-schedule debt sufficient to finance domestic needs," he said yesterday.Harry recognizes the re-scheduling of debt it is not easy, but can be attempted so that countries and donor agencies menyepakatinya. How, with the economic team form that has high ability in renegosiasi.

Apart form the team that you a debt renegosiasi, Harry also believes the payment back foreign debts of Indonesia maturity can be negotiated after the 2009 elections."We can not be so dependent on debt financing in the Budget. Financing needs should take precedence of domestic strength, however because the burden of debt will not make the government's fiscal health.
"The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) previous project financing fiscal space will become increasingly limited state budget for 5 years, in the middle of the funding needs of the development is increasing.

Macro Bappenas Planning Director Bambang Prijambodo space refinement of the many fiscal burden caused by high interest and principal repayments of debt to be paid 2010-2014. Data refer to the Directorate General of debt management, the Ministry of Finance, as of 31 January 2009, repayments of debt payment obligations, both debt and foreign debt of countries (SUN) appropriate maturity to 5 years, projected to reach Rp496, 04 trillion.

Government through the Finance and Budget Nota 2009 even admitted in 5 years the risk of repayment of debt is relatively high."The biggest part of the debt must be paid in foreign currency, so that the vulnerability to exchange rate may increase the burden of repayment of debt principal.

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Jombang, Indonesia.

Not a month, accidentally Practices That handful Rp 300 Million.
Ponari may have never thought, that he will be setenar now. Can not be denied, life Ponari also changed. He no longer went to school the withdrawal kid who has a very young age. But the wave of visitors who come, the money that is not small. Are the parties deliberately made the business Ponari as land?

AFTER closed three days, the practice of alternative healing Ponari, 10 years old kid Kedungsari origin Hamlet, Village Balongsari, District Megaluh, re-opened, Sunday (8 / 2). Opening day is faster than previously scheduled. This is not separated from the large number of''patients''who continue filtering.

To avoid shock occurs, where the practice is also re-opened. In addition, the road to the village house Ponari had finished dipaving. Because''many people who come to get treatment, the committee finally agreed to take a practice on Sunday Ponari this,''said the Village Head Balongsari, Retno Nila Cahyani.

The same is also said, Sakwan, security personnel from the local Koramil. Impatience patient who is awaiting the final turn of the security forces opened earlier than scheduled. With the requirements must have a ticket price of Rp 1,000 entry, the patient was re-entering the dwelling out of the way now Ponari already terpaving.

Of course, with tight security from Polsek Megaluh, military, and local Koramil. With the return of the practice Ponari place, many visitors feel relieved. ''I have here since two days ago. Relieved we finally can get water from Ponari,''said Masduki, Sidoarjo residents that come with their families. Indeed, few people who does not believe the excess of the Ponari. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very prone to be a business area, which can berimbas kid on the exploitation of the class III SD is.

To note, since many people visited about 17 in January, already have hundreds of thousands of people who come to the house. The Committee also provides a charity box. The charity of the table is laid out in the street, right in front of the house parents Ponari. Not yet a month, the charity has the money to reach more than Rp 300 million. ''My own count participate. The amount is more than Rp 328 million, "said leader Monday, local village leaders who participate in''a" financial practices in place Ponari.

Discussion leader on Monday the amount of money it is not impossible. In fact, it may be, the amount of money into the charity box is much greater. With the assumption, since many people visit, at this time where the practice is not even 20 days.

Not to cut some public holidays. Each day, visitors Ponari can reach 10 thousand. If each visitor average practice money of Rp 5 ribu saja, each day the money already collected Rp 50 million. If multiplied by ten days, the money has reached Rp 500 million.

Cut costs is still cooking food for the entire committee and the security officer. But not the amount, only around Rp 200 thousand to 300 thousand per day. Money''from the charity is entirely right Ponari and their families. No one else is entitled to the money, "said the champion Monday while adding that he Himself save the money to a bank in Jombang.

Indications of interest to the business practices Ponari, it proved difficult. Clear that, for a Mbok Legi, Ponari grandmother who previously cared for the grandchildren involved, their lives have changed. At home that is simple, Mbok Legi only live with a grandmother great-grandfather Ponari. He has rarely met with Ponari.

As a result Ponari now living in a relatives house. With honest, Mbok Legi often feel nostalgic with Ponari. He just wanted to joke with the grandchildren. Unfortunately, it is not easy for Legi Mbok to meet.

Although the house is now owned by a settled Ponari that distance is not far away, but not any person is allowed entry. ''One day, I had to enter the water just enough to ask. But even dimarahi by a house, for fear of other people go. Happens, now give me a bit to go home again, "she sad.

For that Mbok Legi hope, so that as much as possible Ponari can again live in a house her parents a simple, normal life at a time.
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